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Continuing the Story...

When Nancy, Sara, and I decided to finish the book we started for fun in college, our plans didn't go much beyond that -- coming up with a conclusion to the story of Princess Irene, Nan the Dancer, and Kay was all we had in mind.

Sara wrote such a beautiful ending to our book: We learn Irene gives birth, but we don't know if it's a boy, and therefore a wizard, or a mortal girl. We all thought it was the perfect ending to not reveal the sex of her child. But I couldn't stop thinking about "what if?" and after a couple of weeks, I sat down and wrote the birth scene and chapter one. I sent it to Sara and asked if she wanted to keep writing (Nancy declined to continue as her life is so busy!) and Sara not only agreed, but said she knew just what the book's plot should be. So, off we went on a new adventure about Irene, Nan, and Kay.

We hope our readers will love this book as much as we do.