Journey to Wizards’ Keep

Irene, Princess of Cabbage, has been living in the humble home of her best friend, Nan, in the neighboring kingdom of the Valley of William Etté. But now, Irene is 17 and her brother wants her to come back to Cabbage take up her royal duties. Irene knows this also means an arranged marriage and decides she would rather give up her title than submit.

While writing this to her brother, Nan appears, having come home from the academy of dance where she was studying. The two decide to go on a picnic.

When they return at dusk, they find their village about to be attacked by the army of the Secret Valley. They flee to Cabbage to warn her brother, but are taken captive by the army’s leader, Sir Richard. He plans to give them to King William of the Secret Valley as “playthings.”

At the Secret Valley, they meet Kay, lady in waiting to Queen Ruth, and she tries to protect them from the King, Lord William, Son of Dob. However, a jealous handmaiden betrays her to the King and she and her sweetheart, Sir Fitzgerald, are thrown in prison. They manage to escape and take Irene and Nan with them as they

flee the Valley.

Soon, they learn that the real power behind William, Son of Dob, is an evil wizard, known as the Black Lord. He lives in an underground kingdom and while he being held in check by his twin wizard (who is as good as he is evil), he can still govern the actions of others in the world.

Irene discovers that the good wizard is weakening and will not be able to keep his evil brother below ground much longer. He tells Irene their only hope is to find the Wizards’ Keep and persuade the last remaining wizards to help.

Now certain of their goal, they head off to see if they can find Wizards’ Keep and save the land from the Black Lord.