EVERFIRE is the third book in the Irene, Nan & Kay series

EVERFIRE is the third book in the Irene, Nan & Kay series


The story continues…

Prince Winter is safely back in the tiny kingdom of Cabbage after being rescued from the Land of the Dead. But Queen Irene and the wizards know that as long as the evil wizards Anthony and Zarohdin remain alive, danger hangs over them all. They begin to mass an army to attack the wizards.

Zarohdin and Anthony conscript men to serve in their army and round up pretty, young girls to start breeding more wizard sons for a future world where wizards will rule over mortals.

Kay disguises herself to work as a servant in Zarohdin’s alabaster castle but act as a spy for the rebel army. Fitzgerald leaves his pregnant wife, Nan, behind to lead his troops into battle.

After his army barely survives the first skirmish with the rebels, Anthony casts a spell and calls up Everfire, a wall of flames that surrounds his territory. But Irene’s friend, Kay, and Nan’s husband, Fitzgerald, are trapped on the wrong side.

With no way over the wall of fire, Irene struggles with doubts over her ability to keep her children and kingdom safe.

Can Irene, Nan, and Kay prevail over the two powerful wizards? Everfire sends them on a wild adventure of espionage, war, romance and surprises in the third installment of the Irene, Nan, and Kay fantasy series.