All three books are now available in the Irene, Nan & Kay series!

All three books are now available in the Irene, Nan & Kay series!

Journey to Wizards' Keep

The Story behind the Story:

Journey to Wizards' Keep is a fantasy novel written by three friends between the years 1979 and 1982. It was begun by Sara Cole, who titled it “The Log.” When she finished the first chapter, she sent a copy on to her high school friend, Nancy Danner. Nancy wrote part of the second chapter and forwarded both chapters to another high school friend, KC Cowan, who finished Chapter Two. From then on, it was mostly Sara and KC who wrote, with Nancy occasionally contributing.

The three friends became the heroines of the story: Sara named herself Irene, Princess of Cabbage; Nancy became Nan the Dancer; and KC became Kay of the Crystal Seas. They used familiar settings from their life in Portland, Oregon and changed the names to fit in with the fantasy adventure. The Willamette Valley became the Valley of William Etté. The Hooded Mountains refer to Mt. Hood, and the Kingdom of Tondelpen is Pendleton, Oregon, and so on.

The writings filled two large 3-ring binders of original and Xeroxed handwritten chapters. Eventually, Sara and KC both got too busy to write any more and the story stopped in 1982, but without a conclusion!  In 2012, at Sara’s urging, KC decided to type up The Log. As she finished each chapter, she would email it to Sara and Nancy, and they all took great delight in re-reading the adventure story. They enjoyed it so much that they decided they had to finish it. So, 30 years after they stopped writing, each took a chapter or two to bring the thrilling story of Kay, Irene and Nan to a close.